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Thursday, January 12, 2017

When You Feel Like Collapsing Out of Exhaustion, But It’s Not On Your To Do List

Mom days are long. No big surprise to you is it?

We are usually the first one up and the last one to crawl into bed at night, or should I say fall into bed.

Maybe you have had a day like described below. Maybe it was today.

The alarm clock goes off and you actually contemplate the notion of everybody skipping school and work, and the thought of sleeping in till 8:00 sounds heavenly.

Just when you decide you just might do that a large dog who has to go out to pee just shoved her cold wet nose into your face.

Or maybe you have a toddler who comes running into your room screaming like a banshee holding a poopy diaper in his hand.

Either way, you have to get up.

Ugh! Might as well rouse the rest of the troops.

With the morning chaos of breakfast, fights, getting dressed, backpacks and lunches, then flying out the door hopefully in time to meet the bus, you are already feeling a bit frazzled.

Let’s admit it, your morning routine is so frenzied it would make any marathon runner feel winded.

Add in the household chores of laundry, dishes and cleaning that weird stain on the carpet… what IS that?! 
Then errands or a job outside of the house and by 11:00 AM you have already put in a full day’s work.

Come evening with homework, dinner, dishes, more fighting, tossing in yet another load of laundry…I swear I am doing laundry for people who don’t live here... the the ball practice you are already late for, you find yourself dreaming of actually collapsing on the floor in a heap. Your body completely worn out and no strength to hold its own weight up.

Have you ever fantasized doing this? Come on, I can’t be the only one!

So picture this as you stir the macaroni – You are on the kitchen floor right in front of the stove. Maybe your family will be so alarmed they will take care of you and do all their chores without fuss for like……forever.

I told you it was a fantasy and fantasies aren't supposed be realistic!

Here is what would really happen to me if I tried this:

I know how my family would react. They would just step over me to get to the fridge, lean over and ask me if I remembered to wash their favorite shirt and if I have seen the remote.

That is when my choice of floors to collapse on may not be the best choice as I notice all the crumbs and strange dirt on the floor, the giant dust bunnies caught in the fridge vents and all the missing toy pieces under the stove.

So far I’ve seen 2 hot wheels, 6 cheerios, 3 vitamins, 4 game pieces, a AA battery and some weird looking chunks that I think may have been dog food pieces at one time. All of these wonderfully lost items are also sitting in about 6” of dust.

I sigh as I get to my feet and write the words, “Clean under stove” to my already longer than should be “To Do” list. So much for my drama themed mom moment.

In all seriousness though, I truly have had days where I just run upstairs, hide under the covers and answer their never ending questions with a disguised and muffled voice saying, “Mom? Nope, haven’t seen her.”

But when I have done this I get the following scenario:

My husband comes into the bedroom finding me buried under covers muttering some unrecognizable words and asks the famous, “What’s wrong?” and before I can even spill my guts on all what’s wrong in my life he starts asking me if I paid the bills yet, if there is any money left and when I was planning to go to the grocery.

He would then promptly leave when a small human runs into the room screaming at the top of his lungs because his favorite car went under the stove.


Then there’s the dog. Remember the dog? Yeah, she’s sticking her nose under the cover right into my face. I’m not sure if she wants out to pee again or just to escape the terrors of the household. I pat her head and she gives me an understanding look like, “Thank you for fixing me so I can’t have puppies.”.

The macaroni's burning and sticking to the pan. Looks like I’ll have to reschedule my “Mom Collapses Day” for another time when there isn’t so much to do like um…..never.


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