If you are expecting this site to show a person whose house is spotless, with homemade meals and desert made from scratch on the table every night, the laundry always caught up, my kid always acting perfect and handmade gifts given for every holiday, then you’ve landed on the wrong site.

If you are NOT like the person mentioned above and you want to come hang out with someone who isn’t a Supermom either, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Other Great Blogs & Sites!

I have so many great blogs and sites I like to follow I thought I would share them here. Check them out and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Check back often as I stumble across more!

(Under construction - I'll add to the list when I can, which at the rate my schedule is going........:)

  • Shaklee - Products In Harmony With Nature and Good Health

  • MAHMA - Moms At Home Making A Difference

  • M.O.B. Society - For moms of boys by moms of boys (But they have great articles that can apply to daughters too!

  • hopeforthewearymom.com  - For when you are weary, feel lost or feel alone at being a mom, Hope for the Weary Mom can help you find your way.


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