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Monday, August 7, 2017

A Kitchen Fire - What NOT To Do

Please watch this short 30 sec video about what can easily happen with a grease fire in the kitchen.

Do not throw water on it! The water, being heavier than oil, sinks to the bottom where it instantly becomes super heated. The explosive force of the steam blows the burning oil up and out.

Inside the confines of a kitchen, the fire ball hits the ceiling and fills the entire room. 

Also, do not throw sugar or flour on a grease fire. One cup of either creates the explosive force of two sticks of dynamite.

Please teach your children what to do as many a pre-teen and teenager (and adults) have been badly burned when they were cooking.

Having a fire extinguisher handy and knowing how to use it is the best way to put out a fire. I had to do it once. Yes, it makes a mess, but the grease fire I had was spreading fast. I felt that a fire extinguisher mess in the kitchen was better than a burned down house.

Thanks to my brother for passing this on to me.

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